Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Weiner accepting new patients?

YES! Dr. Weiner is accepting new patients and All-County Dermatology participates with most major insurance plans. Call today to make your appointment.

Will I be seen by a medical doctor or some other type of health care professional?

We recognize that many practices employ physician assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians that are not board-certified in dermatology. At All-County Dermatology, each patient is evaluated and treated by Dr. Weiner, a board-certified dermatologist.

What is a dermatologist and what qualifications should they have?

In today’s health care arena, it is not uncommon to have “non-dermatologists” diagnosing and treating dermatologic conditions or performing dermatologic procedures. When searching for someone to meet your dermatology needs, you should make sure you are being seen by a medical doctor who specializes in dermatology.  This doctor should have completed medical school, a year of internship for internal medicine and at least a three year residency specializing in dermatology. Upon completion of this education and training, the medical doctor should also have passed the national board examination in dermatology rendering them a board-certified dermatologist.

Does Dr. Weiner treat children?

YES! A large percentage of patients at All-County Dermatology are children and adolescents. From acne to eczema to warts, Dr. Weiner has years of experience treating typical childhood dermatologic conditions. We recognize that some youngsters face a more challenging treatment or procedure, so we will often schedule these patients at the end of the day so they can receive the care and attention that they require.

Does Dr. Weiner have experience with cosmetic procedures?

YES! Dr. Weiner has experience with sclerotherapy, chemical peels, Botox, Juvederm and other fillers. See the services page for more detail on these services.

Does Dr. Weiner perform skin cancer surgery?

YES! Dr. Weiner has been treating patients for over 20 years.  In that time, he has treated nearly 40,000 patients, many of whom had skin cancer.  Dr. Weiner performs skin cancer surgery several days every week.  Of course, Dr. Weiner’s main concern is the best possible outcome for his patients so if he feels that another type of physician, such as a plastic surgeon or Moh’s surgeon, would better serve his patient, he will refer them to that physician.

Does Dr. Weiner perform his surgical procedures in his office or in another facility?

All surgical and cosmetic procedures are completed under local anesthesia right in the comfort of Dr. Weiner’s office. There is no need to travel to a hospital or surgical center and there are no associated “anesthesia or facility fees”.

Does Dr. Weiner perform total body exams?

YES! Dr. Weiner is a firm believer that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so he is extremely thorough in his total body exams. Total body exams include evaluation of the total skin surface from the scalp to in-between the toes. Since this exam takes longer than a regular appointment, you must specifically request an appointment for a total body exam when making an appointment.

I have 6 or 7 dermatology problems that I want addressed. Can I have them all addressed in one visit?

Dr. Weiner’s approach to medicine is to be extremely thorough with each individual condition.  Experience has proven that if you address multiple conditions on one visit, patients will often confuse information and treatments and therefore not obtain optimal results.  For this reason, Dr. Weiner believes in addressing only a few problems for each visit.  He has found that in the long run with this approach, patients have a better understanding of their conditions and treatments and this results in better patient outcomes.  Follow-up visits are readily available for additional problems.



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