Patient Testimonials

“I have been Dr. Weiner’s patient for several years.  He is an outstanding doctor, and I am blessed to be his patient! His staff is wonderful!  Everyone on his staff is very knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, & always available to Dr. Weiner’s patients at all times.”
PS 3/8/17

“I went to Dr. Weiner after several mammograms because surgeons couldn’t give me answers about a suspicious lesion that suddenly appeared on my nipple.  I was at the end of my rope because no other doctor could figure out what the lesion was, based on the mammograms and the appearance of the skin.  I  had gone to a “breast surgeon” who assured me that it wasn’t anything serious; and definitely not “Paget’s disease.”  That surgeon sent me home with an antibiotic ointment and a follow-up visit was scheduled for 4 weeks later.  Still the surgeon couldn’t figure it out.  The lesion continued to get worse so I went to Dr. Weiner.  He was amazed and asked me why no one had biopsied the site yet, to which I couldn’t give a good answer.  It had been two months since I noticed it and it had become visibly more irritated.  He told me that he would have to biopsy the lesion in the office.  Naturally, I was afraid.  Dr. Weiner was very compassionate, professional and thorough.  He spoke to me with gentleness and respect while assuring me that he would walk me through the next step.  After two days, he called me personally to tell me that indeed it was “Paget’s disease” of the breast.  He understood that I felt the earth shattering beneath my feet.  He referred me to a surgeon that he said he would send his own family to.  I saw a wonderful doctor; who I would have never found without Dr. Weiner’s direction.  An MRI proved his diagnosis and I was quickly scheduled for a mastectomy.  I think Dr. Weiner was a Godsend to me.  The cancer could have gone undetected for a long time and it would have spread.  The cancer was found early enough that I needed no further treatments after the mastectomy.  I am thankful to Dr. Weiner who made a terrible experience tolerable for me.  His staff contacted me frequently to see how I was and I appreciated that.  I highly recommend All-County Dermatology!” Forever grateful,
DA  2/11/14

“Although I’ve only been a patient of Dr. Weiner’s for a short time, I am impressed with his professionalism, terrific sense of humor and painless procedures.  I am happy to recommend Dr. Weiner to family, friends and prospective patients.”
BC 1/20/14

At age 38 I developed adult cystic acne.  Treatment by several dermatologists over a period of time failed to alleviate my condition.  Dr. Weiner was the first dermatologist to successfully treat my acne.  His professional demeanor, compassion and understanding has always been appreciated.  I am grateful for his treatment and service.”
LF 10/15/13

“After many years of meeting with several dermatologists in New Jersey and New York for eczema treatment, I was at my wits end.  I was frustrated and embarrassed of the way my skin looked.  Dr. Weiner was recommended to me and I made an appointment hoping he could help.  We spent some time talking and he examined me and concluded my eczema was most likely fueled by an allergy.  He recommended me to his colleague at NYU to conduct a series of patch tests.  Dr. Weiner was completely honest that his colleague could test for much more than what was available at his office.  My end result was that I have 3 allergies and now I know what to avoid in order to keep my eczema from flaring.  Dr. Weiner was a genius to suggest the allergy route and I am so grateful to have become his patient.  I have also seen Dr. Weiner for yearly body exams and he is extremely thorough.  His bedside manner is great and I recommend Dr. Weiner to anyone looking for a great dermatologist.”
EW  6/6/13

“I have been going to Dr. Weiner for 16 years. I would trust no other dermatologist. He is very thorough, and explained to me everything  that was going on. I had melanoma 16 years ago. I was so scared but Dr. Weiner made me so comfortable. His office staff is just as nice. Whenever I call them, they are always ready to help me. I have sent many friends and relatives to him. I have grandchildren now who go to him and a grandmother doesn’t just send her grandchildren to any doctor!”
GG 7/30/12

“My overall experience was excellent from the moment I walked into the office…very friendly staff. Dr. Weiner was very professional and to the point of my problem. In the next few weeks, my nodule was out. I was very happy with the procedure.”
CP 4/2/12

“I found Dr. Weiner and his staff to be very helpful and friendly. He promptly diagnosed my problem and I made appointments for other family members. I appreciated his confidence and expertise. I would definitely recommend this office to others.”
KT 2/22/12

“Dr. Barry Weiner is extremely knowledgeable. He is very thorough and definitely a fabulous dermatologist. He was able to identify a very rare blood disorder that shows up on my skin that other doctors were not able to identify.”
ML 10/11/11

“I went to my GP with a bad rash on my arm and neck. He gave me a diagnosis and had me do blood work and set me on a prescription course. After a week or so I was getting worse and my wife and son contracted the rash as well. We went back to my GP and he reviewed the blood work and stood by his diagnosis. I then decided to see Dr. Weiner for a second opinion and his staff immediately made an appointment for me. When I arrived, they got me right in and Dr. Weiner recognized my problem right away. He reviewed the blood work with me and showed how the diagnosis from my GP was wrong. He then sent a sample to the lab for confirmation and prescribed a treatment. After starting the prescription, I had almost instant results. The same with my wife and son. The lab results came back and Dr. Weiner was exact in his diagnosis. He called to follow up and I felt that he and his staff were very courteous and prompt with me and my family. I will definitely use and recommend Dr. Weiner again.”
SS 11/21/11

“I think Dr. Weiner is an excellent doctor as well as a highly skilled surgeon, which I was able to see first hand. I will recommend him to everyone I know. At times, there may be a wait to see him, but the staff does let you call ahead to check on the doctor’s timing which I find very convenient. I think if you find a good doctor, they are worth the wait, especially one that is not trying to run a mill.” LR 11/30/11



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